Project GT3 Continued

Buttoned up the car last night and got it returned to Dan.  We ran into a little snag though.  When I plugged in the control panel to bench test the unit, I found out that the volume button did not work.  There was sound out the speaker, and the unit operated correctly, I just could not change the volume or get into the preferences menu (hit vol + BRT buttons together) to turn on the shifters.  Called Escort and they sent a UPS label to return the control panel.  Luckily I had not mounted it in the dash yet!  Unfortunately, they will not send a new replacement unit until the old piece is recieved, so that will be a week before we see that I am sure.

Buttoning up the wiring….

Rollbar shelf cut to fit.

Mounted the usb update port in the fuse panel

And all back together again….for now, lol.

2011911DetectorEscort 9500ciGMGGT3LaserRadarShifter

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