GT3RS Laser Interceptor Install

Well since I am in the radar/laser shifter installing mode, I figured I would borrow the GT3RS and get that done as well. I had previously installed the rear shifter when I had the bumper off to do the exhaust, but hadn’t had time to get the rest of it done.

Shifter kit minus the rear shifter. I will integrate the V1 detector into the L1 for voice alerts rather than the beep.

Front bumper off so I can install the front shifters.

And the front shifters installed.

For the rear bracket, their little cut and bend to shape units worked well. For the fronts, IMHO they are some pretty cheasy flimsy mounts. I think the escort has a better mounting system, but we will make it work.

And the bumper back on. Next up is to run the wiring from the front and rear into the control module. After that, hook up to power and custom make a cable for the V1.

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