GT3RS Interceptors finished.

Finished up the Laser Interceptor install today. Some comparison notes to the Escort 9500ci:
1. Obviously it is for laser shifting only, there is no radar detection like the 9500ci
2. I would call the technology similar to that of my 1980 Apple IIE that I had growing up. The voice prompts are absolutely hillarious. Seriously, I remember when it first came out that you could type a sentance into a computer and it would speak the words back to you…..its very similar to that. H..E..L..L..O……..H…O..W…..R…………Y…O….U…..
3. The speaker is way underpowered if you put it anywhere out of sight which I highly recommend since it is not a pretty unit. You can install an external speaker though, which it is pre wired for. To connect a V1 to the unit, you need to buy the remote display for the V1, and either purchase the $30 cable from LI, or build one yourself. It always seems like when I am purchasing a product and I absolutely don’t want any additional batteries, di-electric grease, oil filters, etc it is always pushed on you. When you purchase a high dollar item like the LI, they don’t bother to sell you the add on’s for your radar detector which you later find out you might need. Also, you need that additional cable if you want to turn the shifters into parking sensors (beyond the inital 15-30 seconds on engine start up). IMHO, raising the price of the $1000-2000 system by $30.00 (which is what the cable costs with free shipping) to just include the cable with all units whether it is needed or not would be prudent.
4. The escort is by far the nicer looking unit. It is much more complicated to install, but a nicer system visually and I think in terms of ease of use. With that being said, LI is regarded as the BEST in laser defense out of any unit out there, so while it may not look or sound pretty, it sounds like it will no doubt save you from a ticket. We shall see!

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