Porsche 996 Alternator Replacement Rennsport Kansas City

Had this 996 limp into the shop yesterday with a voltage issue. Turns out the alternator wasn’t charging properly, and only putting out about 10-11 volts, a far cry less than the required 13+

Not going to make it too far on that kind of voltage 🙂

Stuck behind that stuff is an alternator.

After removing the airbox, the belt comes off, a few pulleys and bolts, and then the fun starts.

Getting to this point requires a fair amount of swearing. First you have to get it out of the bracket which it is stuck in, then you have to get it rotated exactly right to clear the intake and the engine.

An empty void.

And all back together. A full charge of the battery, hooked everything back up, and we were in business!

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