Porsche 944 951 Timing Belt Tension A/C Charge R134a

Had this 951 in last week for a timing belt retension and A/C charge.

Pulling apart the front end to tension the belt.

The bottom bolt on timing belt cover was crossthreaded (or too long going out the back of the cover and cross threading), so for fear of breaking the cover, I opted to just tension through the top half.

Using a special offset wrench to tension the timing belt.

Then it was on to the A/C. A used compressor had been installed in this car after the previous one locked up, so it was our job to charge it. Unfortunately when I put it up on the lift, I recommended to install a rebuilt compressor. So I yanked the unit.

This is what I had seen when I looked at the compressor on the car. Yup, it says BAD. Guessing it is….bad?

New drier installed in place.

And the rebuilt compressor installed.

Putting a vacuum on the system to check for leaks. Leaks are checked for about 20 minutes, then the system revacced for about 45 minutes to get all moisture out of the system.

After charging the system, we had a new puddle of oil on the ground, lol. Turns out the clutch slave cylinder started to leak, so we replaced that while it was on the lift.

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Jeff Whealen

May 23, 2012 at 8:24 AM

As always great work and the car is cooling just fine after the conversion.

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