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Got back to the 951 after the holidays to finish up some items. I started by tearing apart the exhaust to upgrade to a Fabspeed 3″ full system, and Tial 38mm wastegate. When I crawled under the car, I realized the car, being an early 86 model, had the 1 piece crossover pipe….DOH! The wastegate doesn’t exactly fit with the one piece, so I went and got my 2 piece pipe to install in it’s place. This will also save some time if the car ever has to have the clutch serviced, as the 1 piece crossover pipe gets in the way of pulling the bellhousing.

Hmmm, looks familiar…..hello horsepower.

Old cat pipe off the car. HEAVY.

Old cat back…..also HEAVY.

The old anchor of a wastegate off the car. The line was so brittle, it just cracked in half.

Tial 38mm wastegate waiting to go on.

2 piece crossover pipe. The 2nd L pipe piece is attached to the wastegate for installation already.

To R&R the crossover pipe, intake needs to come off to access the turbo bolts. Luckily the process was easier with the rest of the exhaust already off.

While I had the exhaust off and well……easier access lets say, I tackled the engine mounts. Support bar installed to hold the motor up.

Not how collapsed the original oem mounts are (New on left, original on right). They weren’t even making contact with the top of the crossmember anymore, lol.

New mounts in place.

After the exhaust was buttoned up, I tackled the interior in prepration for the EVC-S boost controller. Since I will need a place to mount the control panel, the obvious spot was under the radio. Plus it would give me the opportunity to clean it up a bit.

Running wiring to the boost gauge lighting which had not been hooked up.

And a little carbon fiber panel installed.

3" Exhaust951Crossover pipeFabspeedPorscheTial 38mm wastegate

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January 3, 2011 at 8:44 AM

I was told that the cats off 944s and other cars back in the 80’s used a lot of platinum and cadmium (before OEMs got more efficient cats) and if you can still see through them you likely can sell them for $50-$60 at a metal recyclers!


    January 3, 2011 at 9:21 AM

    I don’t know that they use any more plat and cad than anything else, but ANY cat is worth $50-60 at a recycler. That is why there has been a huge increase in theft of cats off cars. Theives crawl underneath with a sawzall and cut the cat out in seconds and take them to a recycler.

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