Mazda’s version of the 924/944

Was the RX-7 utilizing a rotary engine. The cars are actually quite fun to drive and were pretty popular. A freind of mine brought over his son’s TX-7 Turbo II (now don’t get excited, that doesn’t mean twin turbos) so we could put in a new brake master cylinder. It had started to puke fluid everywhere, so a replacement was needed. Oreilly’s was able to order us the part, and it was definitely not “porsche pricing.”

A little wet and rusty looking, I wasn’t sure what we were in store for. Luckily… appears brake fluid must also act as a lubricant as everything came apart pretty easily.

Removing the coilpacks out of the way to get to the MC.

Old MC out. Yuck.

New MC installed and the reservoir back on. Bleeding a new MC can take awhile, even with an initial bench bleed. Luckily all the bleed screws on the caliper were easy to open, so a couple rounds of air bleeding, and it was ready to go. We discovered it also needs a new clutch, so we will tackle that at a later date.

Master CylinderMazda Rx-7

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