Project LS1?

Sigh….no not yet. But this project does have an LS1 in it! Today I took on a gauge install in a 2004 GTO. The pod and gauges were a craigslist find at a discount from what I hear, only there wasn’t any wiring bundle or oil pressure sending unit included, so it was not just a plug an play so to speak.

Up and ready to go.

Pod out of the car.

Well, we have some work do to here. I pulled out the cut off wheel and at least made our hole somewhat square 😉

When I pulled the oil pressure gauge out of the pod, I realized it was a mechanical gauge. The problem with a mechanical gauge, is that it requires you to run an oil line directly to the gauge, meaning there is hot oil moving through your interior. Hot oil under a hell of a lot of pressure. If the line becomes compromised, you would have one hell of a mess, let alone the safety concerns. Luckily……O’reilly’s carries this gauge brand, and I was able to go purchase an electronic unit with a sender. With the electronic setups, the oil pressure sensor is installed in the engine, and then an electrical wire is run into the cockpit….much safer.

A bundle of wiring. Amazing what the cost of copper is.

Since there was no wiring harness included, out came the soldering iron and heatshrink. Needed wires for the dual illumination, as well as power and ground to both units. The OPS also needed the wire to the sender attached.

Testing the connections.

Running the wires past the cluster to the fuse panel.

Cover where we will mount the oil pressure sending unit.

Remove the 2 10mm nuts and the cover comes off.

The housing needs to be drilled out to accept the sending unit. 21/64 drill bit and a 1/8-27NPT tap and all is good. Make sure to mark the best drilling location/angle before you pull the housing out of the engine bay, so you have clearence. It is a very tight fit and must be lined up properly.

The sending unit installed.

Easiest way to get power was to use Add a Fuses.

The wire to the oil pressure sender was run through the same grommet as the hood release and routed to the sender.

And the finished product.

2004Gauge PodGTOOil Pressure GaugeSending UnitVoltmeter

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Kevin A

December 24, 2010 at 6:44 PM

Well done! Looks almost factory.

When I put in the 427 big-block into my old 68 Camaro I used two mechanical gauges: fuel and oil pressure. Both went on the OUTSISDE vent in front of the windshield!!!

David Lessmann

December 25, 2010 at 5:30 PM

Very nice! You always do an amazing job, a true craftsman.

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