951 Rear End Noise and Upgrades

Had a freind drop off his 951 that was making some noise from the rear end. Quickly diagnosed the patient as….you guessed it, a bad CV joint. I quickly had horrible flashback’s of the 993 axles, but at least these wouldn’t be nearly as hard to get out….still messy, but not hard, lol.

Driver’s side axle out. While the boots were in good shape on this axle, the grease had dried up over the years and caused the joint to overheat and start knocking. A really low mileage 951, and the 25 year old grease just didn’t last.

The one end wasn’t horrible, but the grease was really runny.

The other end was completely dried up.

The dried joint cleaned up. It is hard to tell, but one of the ball bearings is a bronze color from the heat. The bearing races were also grooved.

Cleaned up and back on the car.

I also decided to pull the passenger side axle and repack the grease in that joint to prevent the issue on that side as well.

Next up, we are going to throw some mods at this car:
Vitesse Chip
Fabspeed Exhaust
Tial 38mm Wastegate with adapter plates
EVC-S electronic boost controller

Stay tuned…weeeeeeeeee


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