GT3 #2 Prep

Getting this little GT3 ready for the upcoming DE at HPT. The car is pretty well set up, but needed to get rid of some of the remaining rubber components in the suspension.

First thing we wanted to do was to get the coolant out of the system so we could replace it with 100% water and water wetter. After pulling the fender liners, we can get to the front 3 radiators to drain them.

And drain the engine. Fill with water, heat cycle the car, and drain again. It takes about 5-6 cycles like this to get all of the coolant out of the system. This is an engine that you can remove from the vehicle, put on an engine stand, and start tearing down and it will leak coolant as you disassemble the engine all the way to the block. It hides everywhere and is really hard to get out. Thus the multiple flushes. Once the water comes back clear, then a final top off with water wetter and we are ready to go.

Replacements for the factory tie rod/toe links.

The upgraded Tarrett drop links and rear control arms. We put in solid thrust arm bushings in the rear as well as spherical bushings. I think the hardest part of the job was putting those little protective boots on the drop link ends, lol.

New bushings installed. These are actually a bit of a bugger to remove the old bushings, and it requires a large press. In comes the 12 ton press. After the bushings were out, we bead blasted everything so it was nice and clean.

The front drop links don’t come out with the shocks installed, so I had to loosen the shocks out of the carriers to get enough room to get the old links backed out.

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