Boxster Waterpump Replacement

Had this little Boxster come in (ok I towed it in, lol) with a coolant leak and rattle in the motor. Pretty common for the waterpump bearing to fail and start leaking as well as rattling like crazy. With 90k miles on it, i’d say this waterpump had a good life. Like the 944, these pumps should be replaced as a maintenance item. Whenever we do a belt change, we try and inspect the pump as closely as we can to determine it’s health.

Up and ready to go.

You can just see the bottom of the waterpump pulley, and the leak dripping off the bottom. Once the bearing gets play behind the pulley, it will start to leak like crazy.

And draining the coolant so we can remove the pump.

And the shiny new pump installed. Since we are in there, it gets a new serpentine drive belt as well.

Another common failure of the M96 waterpump is that the plastic impeller on the waterpump will crack and essentially blow apart. Without and impeller, the coolant won’t be pushed through the system and the engine can over heat. Plus, you have lots of little plastic bits rolling around in the coolant system.

And the front side of the old pump.

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