997 Supercharger Part V:

Ok, one more update for the day and then I am going to shut it down until tomorrow. Running hoses. I think I have a solution figured out for most of the runs.

I finished running the wire to the pump. No biggie there.

Joining the power wires together near the front passenger wheel well.

And utilizing this mount here for the ground wire.

My planned route for the hoses is to take everything up into the engine bay on the passenger side as normal. The difference is, my driver side line normally snakes up over the top of the transaxle on a manual version (passing from driver side to passenger side)….just isn’t going to clear on this pig. So I instead crossed the lines over near the front, running both main lines down the passenger side of the drive shaft tunnel. Once all the connections have been made, and I verify hoses are the proper lengths, I will secure them below the drive shaft and out of the way of anything moving.

The general route the driver side line will take, though once I secure everything, it will run under the center of the front diff input shaft and then jut around it right at the body mount (near the right most zip tie that is on the big coolant hardline). Remember, everything on the bottom of the car is completely covered by panels, so it will all be protected from any elements.

Then after moving the horns out of the way, I’ll be able to pop this other line out of the passenger side radiator, and install the plug in the main passenger side radiator. Then I can snake that hose up and make the connection at the center radiator for the charge cooler system.

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