993 Repairs

Had a 993 in the garage the other day for a few repairs.  First off I repaired the fan duct housing to the heater assembly, and then I went after a metal rattle in the rear of the car.

New heater duct installed.

Old air duct.  As you can see, the air wasn’t getting where it needed to go, lol

There were multiple causes of the metal rattle in the rear.  The car had been in a rear end accident at some point in it’s life, and the fender liners and rear metal exhaust shield were pretty beat up still.  I had to fab up a little bracket for one of the fender liners as the mount was broken off, and got the missing screws replaced and the liner secured.  Then I pulled the rear bumper to address the metal shield.  While it still resembled something of a metal shield, it was in pretty rough shape.  I had to come up with some creative ways to remount the shield since it was tore up pretty badly, but got it reattached to the exhaust and rear bumper bar.  Rattle fixed.

The left side of the shield and the center mounting points to the catalytic converters were the issue.  A few screws and some metal re-shaping later, and we were on our way.


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