951 Output Shaft Seal Replacement

Replaced a leaking output shaft seal on a 951 today.  It had gotten bad enough that it was leaving a puddle on the ground after driving, so it was time to replace it. 

Remove the CV axle from the output shaft.  The bolts are typically 8mm triple square bits but they may have been replaced with 6mm allens at some point.   One the axle is out of the way, remove the 6mm allen in the center of the output shaft.  Then you can pull the shaft out of the transaxle. 

Drain the fluid out of the transaxle.  Make sure to remove the fill plug first.

You can see the leaky seal here.  A large flat blade screw driver behind the seal should pop it right out.  Be careful not to nick the case.

Old seal out.

New seal in

Reassembly is opposite of removal.  Clean everything up with brake clean once it is back together, and fill the transaxle with new fluid. 

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