964 Cab Continued

Slowly plodding along with our 964 project as we have time. We are waiting on one of the gauges to come back from NHS. The face was de-laminating over the warning lights, so we sent it out to be replaced. A little ridiculous that they wouldn’t sell us a new face, as the install is no different that replacing the odometer gears (different gauge). Oh well.

So….we are putting on a cup bypass pipe, so I dropped the secondary muffler off in preparation for that which should be here in the next day or two.

A big old honking piece of dead weight.

And out of the car. Stay tuned for this project……

Then it was on to the front bumper issue. The previous owner had driven up over a curb a little too far and knocked the grill out of the bumper and bent up the mounting point under the trunk, so we needed to repair that.


As I was taking off the front bumper, this wheel lock key fell out and about smoked me in the head. LOL. It is not a porsche wheel lock, looks like it was road debris at some point. Many time wheels shops pull their socket off the lug nut and the wheel lock key sticks to the wheel lock and they don’t notice it. Customer drives away and at some point the key falls out and is gone forever. Luckily this went through the bumper grill and not through someone’s windshield!! It is a heavy little bugger, so it really could have done some damage.


Luckily the grill piece was for the most part in one piece still, so everything clipped back in place like it should.

Oh yea….

And back on the car. Before I slid the bumper in place, I returned the lower support to it’s original shape and angle so the bottom wasn’t pushed up so far.

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