Big Props to Dutch Boy Garage Door Co.

We ran into a little snag late Monday night when trying to close up for the night. As we were closing the big bay door, the right side cable snapped and jammed the door opener. After some antics, we were able to climb up and cut the left side cable which allowed us to get the door closed. Unfortunately, with a 600+lb door, the door opener needs the sprung cable tension to over come the weight and open. Some of you may recall a few years ago when I did my high lift garage door at the house, I had great service from Accent Door. Well they went out of business in this economy, but Harm, who did my installation, started his own company called Dutch Boy Garage Door. He has done numerous door work for friends, but I wasn’t sure if he did big commercial doors. Well he does. In fact he was out the next afternoon and got us up and running again with new cables. Can’t recommend Harm enough. If you need any garage door repair or service, make sure to give them a call.

Right side cable in shambles.

Not sure why he didn’t trust using our 1920’s wooden ladder…..

All fixed up and serviced! Ready for a couple more years of use.

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