323i Throttle Body Completed

Jan 18 2012 porschedoc BMW No Comments

Finished up the 323i throttle body install the other day. Pretty straight forward going back together, except that we tossed the crappy old torn rubber intake boots in favor of new boots.

New throttle body ready to go on.

TB installed with new rubber intake boots.

Since the car came in on a flat bed, I didn’t really know the condition of the car. Once it was running, it was discovered it had a large oil leak and a significant coolant leak. I guess all the oil bottles and coolant bottles laying in the car make sense now. The oil is mostly coming from the oil filter housing gasket. A $5.00 gasket and a bunch of labor which I guess isn’t getting fixed at this time. The coolant leak is a leaking radiator and expansion tank which is a weak link in these cars. Along with a noisy waterpump, brakes, etc….this poor thing needs some attention.

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