944 Clutch Finished And Onto A 911

Got the 944 clutch finished up yesterday and sent it and the gray 911 on their way.

Once I got the transaxle put back in and buttoned up the shifter, it was ready for a test drive. Car drove great, another 944 clutch under the belt.

With cars leaving, the basic law of the universe states that others must come in to replace them, so on to the next project. This one is a bit of a head shaker for me. When I tell you to trailer a car down because you smell fuel, please listen to me and don’t drive it to me. It isn’t something I am just making up, I actually do know what I am talking about on occasion, lol. Needless to say, this car sat in the street away from everything while it cooled down.

The fuel line running between the rails and to the filter was gushing gasoline all of the hot engine at an astonishing rate. Fuel + hot engines = no more Porsche. It happens a lot, so when you smell fuel, shut it down until you figure out why you smell fuel. Fuel lines in these cars are getting to be 25+ years old, rubber rots with time, so we will probably start seeing a lot more of these.

The battery was also laying sideways in the front trunk leaking acid all over the place from not being tied down properly. After some wiggling, I was able to get it out. Hard to believe this girl ran at all, with a giant fuel leak, and battery terminals that were laying on the battery loose.

Ahhhh much better. Tomorrow I should have a stash of parts in for this car. The fuel line was outrageously expensive, and we will also need to change a few headlight bulbs, brake light bulbs, and the turn signal/dimmer switch (flashes brights when using the turn signal).

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