944 Clutch Continued

Seriously……3 changes of clothes today and 3 showers, lol. Should make 4 by the time I shut down for the night, lol! Nature of the beast.

A half hour at the cleaners and the transaxle was at least clean enough to handle.

Starting to get into the bellhousing. Lots of fun bolts to get to….they were tight like a tiger.

Bellhousing off with the clutch assembly exposed.

And with the pressure plate removed, it was like christmas, you think you eavesdropped on your parents about your christmas gift, but you just aren’t positive until you open the package. Sure enough, it is what we expected. A center that is completely separated.

Notice around the base, the constant separation.

On the backside of the disc, there is a “get home” tab welded to the disc. This allows the clutch to still engage when the rubber center comes apart. The tabs keep the disc from rotating free.

And just grabbing the center and rotating it, you can see how this works. This is the clunking you feel/hear when letting off the gas or getting on the accelerator when the center has come apart. Banging off the get home tabs. Eventually, the welds will fail to the stress and leave you stranded.

Old rear main seal is definitely a part of the leak, but not all of it that is for sure!

Putting the new seal into place with again….special tool P-something something something.

And installed.

Next up was to get the pilot bearing out of the crankshaft. Again, our slide hammer comes in handy. A couple of pops and it is out.

Using an standard allen bolt, you can insert the head through the pilot bearing and hook the backside, allowing you to pull it out.

New clutch assembly in place.

Before the bellhousing goes on, we install a new guide tube and clutch fork bearings.

Once we get towards the end, we will reinstall the shift lever, only this time using a new lever. Notice the wear on the original lever. This wear leads to “sloppy shifter syndrome” where you can move the shift lever side to side a couple inches when in gear.

And back at it……

944944 Turbo951ClutchPorscheSloppy Shifter

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Jeremy Davis

May 17, 2011 at 6:17 PM

3 showers!!!??? Ah, now I just feel bad…. lol.

Great write-up & pictures. Thanks.

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