Porsche 944 Clutch

Once the 911 was done, it was time to jump on the next project….a 944 clutch. The car started making some clunking noises when letting off the accelerator, which is a pretty strong indicator that the rubber center’d clutch is starting to fall apart. A few weeks ago, we took a quick look underneath, and found rubber in the bellhousing, so it needed to get done before the clutch completely failed.

And a pile of clutch parts and related shifter items.

Down side of a midrise……getting an entire exhaust system off is hard unless you stack up the truck adapters, so off she comes on the floor.

And the exhaust out.

Then I slapped it on the lift and got to work.

Transaxle starting to come down.

Argggh. Another greasy mess. Off to the cleaner it goes…..

Once the transaxle was out of the way, I slid the torque tube back so I could get at the bellhousing.

Plenty of clearance on the midrise for everything else. The car also has a nasty oil leak, which has covered everything in oil underneath. Downside is I will be a ball of grease and oil. Upside is…..I guess the underside of the car will NEVER rust, lol.

After pulling the starter, more rubber bits of the clutch center.

Removing the clutch shaft. Adapter for slide hammer to vise grip, makes for an easy removal. This one was stuck really bad, I don’t know how it would have come out without this tool. The old hammer trick would have been pretty useless IMHO.

As you can see, the shaft is grooved and rusted. Explains why it was so hard to get out.

Now time for a shower, fresh set of clothes, some lunch, and then back at it.

944951ClutchPorscherubber center

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Mike Brosseit

May 17, 2011 at 2:01 PM

woohoo -that much closer to getting my car in there!

Jeremy Davis

May 17, 2011 at 5:15 PM

Woohoo. Lovin’ this! You rock!

Yikes, need to get that oil leak fixed…

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