911 Carrera Fuel Line Continued

Got some time this afternoon to remove the bad fuel line from the 911 today. Since the line is a giant T shaped line that runs under the center of the intake manifold, that means a lot of stuff has to come off the engine to get the line out.

The blower motor assembly, maf, throttle body, and driver’s side of the intake manifold have to come off.

AFM and airbox out of the way.

And I found a little birds nest behind the manifold, lol.

Blower assembly and ducting out of the way. With the wiring harness pulled out of the way, fuel lines disconnected, and center plenum boot loosened, the left bank of the intake manifold can be lifted up enough to slide the line out.

And the line.

What it looks like as it sits on top of the engine.

Think we had a problem?

Hopefully I should have the new parts in the morning and I can continue.

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