930 Turn Singal Switch

After 20 years, sometimes nagging electrical issues start to rear their head.  Even though this was a sub 40k mile 930, the turn signals were having problems.  In a fairly common failure, when the headlights were on and you used the turn signal, the brights would turn on.  This is due to bent armatures in the switch.  Now there are two ways to repair this.  One, is to go in and to attempt to rebend the arms so the high beam contact doesn’t well, make contact when using the turn signals.  The other option is the replace the switch assembly.

Partially apart, we are going for the switch on the left….

And removing some wiring from down below 🙂

Here you can see the low and high beam contacts which are really close together (the 3 bronze metal strips).  Again, you can bend the strips out and buy yourself some time without a problem.  If time is on your side and you want to mes around with it, this is a good option.  But, if your turn signal lever is worn at all (ie, the white lettering in particular) and the car is in concourse condition, the best option is to just replace the switch assembly, which is what we did.

Back together again………

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