993: Get it low…….

Just got done installing new shocks/struts/lowering springs on a freind’s 1995 993.  One of the major downfalls of the 993, was Porsche’s decision to use a cheap Monroe shock assembly in the suspension.  After 20-30k miles, they are usually completely shot….i don’t recall the last time I saw a 993 with a set of good stock shocks still on it.

There are a couple of options you can look at for replacement.

1.  Bilstein PSS9/10 coilover suspension.  You can go the full boat, fully adjustable in terms of ride height and firmness of the ride.  A fantastic system, but it will set you back 3000-3500 by the time it is installed and aligned.

2.  Replace the factory struts with Bilstein HD OEM replacment assemblies, and keep your current ride height by reusing your old springs.  Full setup can be had for a little over $1000.

3.  Replace the factory struts with Bilstein HD OEM replacment assemblies, and lower the car about 1.5″ by using H&R lowering springs.  This is the route we went of course.  The lowering springs add about $350 to the bill.

4.  M030/ROW shocks, struts, springs……lets not be foolish here with our wallet for what you get…….

The Bilsteins and the lowering springs:

The stock 993 sits like a 4×4 truck, so I love to get the cars down lower to a more respectible ride height.

So starting with a monster truck 993:

Front fender height was a little over 26.5″  to the ground.

Rear Height started also with about 26.5″

So I started pulling it apart.  Starting with the rear, the old struts come out, transferring over some of the OEM mounting pieces onto the new struts/springs:

Then on to the fronts…..

And back on the ground…….

Finished results:

Fronts and rears are just a shade under 25″

Now the car looks like it should have when it came from the factory!  Now it is off to alignment, and then back to the owner!

And a parting shot 😉

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Tim Abraham

July 20, 2009 at 4:58 PM

Hey Karl. Thanks for documenting the process. The car rides GREAT!

Karl Norrena

May 2, 2014 at 9:32 PM

Just found your blog. Great material and a fantastic resource.



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