Update: Black 951

Well it was a slow week in regards to the black car.  Sitting waiting, waiting, waiting.  Yesterday afternoon though I got a call that the turbo was rebuilt and ready to be picked up.  So I ran across town and got it, and came home and got it installed and out of the way.  Now I am just waiting on another head to be rebuilt before putting it all back together.  The previous head was unusable due to the exhaust liners.  Unfortunately, this was one of those projects on a low mileage car that just kept getting bigger and bigger the more I dug into the car.   It seems like the low mileage 951’s are always the cars that end up with the huge bills because they really haven’t had any consistent maintenance done on them.  Sitting in a garage not being driven, does not mean that the components on the car are not wearing out with age.  As I showed in the last post, the headgasket was already rotted through with very few miles on the car, but about 10 years of age since the gasket was last replaced.  Constant contact with coolant eventually ate through it.

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