The Doc Travels As Well

Recently I heard a rumor that a good friend of ours was too busy to fix his broken 951, so a group of buddies decided to pack up and show up on his door step to help him with his problem, lol.  The only issue, is he holds South Dakota residency 🙂  Friday night myself an a couple of buddies loaded up and took off on the 4 hour trip to SD.

Saturday morning we were ready to go 🙂  We pulled up, and unloaded the tools.  The project for the day.  All new Koni suspension/conversion and a new rear wheel bearing that had been making noise.

Steve was nice enough to have it up on jack stands when we got there.

Once the front struts were pulled, the tops needed to be cut off so the conversion inserts could be installed.  Safety first…..errrrrrr

Our other Steve just sits and plays in the shock oil.  Kids these days……

While the guys worked on the front struts, I tackled the rear suspension and rear wheel bearing.  This was post R&R of the wheel bearing.  You can see the old bearing in pieces on the ground.  Normally the sealed bearings don’t get play in them like a traditional bearing does…….except for this one.  One of the worst I have seen.

And yes…..traveling repair results in a bag of tools being dumped on the ground as your workbench.

Front suspension apart…..

New rear konis 🙂

Long after I had finished my end of the car, the clowns were still trying to get things sorted up front……

And there is Jim.  He sticks his head under the car once in awhile to act like he is working on something.  Actually he was asleep here…..

Tick tock tick tock….


Once we got everything installed, we went on a quick test run to make sure everything was working properly.  Probably the best it has run in years 🙂  Afterwards, we were treated to a home cooked meal complete with sweet corn that Carolyn picked that morning!  Oh and the peach pie was pretty good too 🙂

After lunch, we packed up and boogied for home.

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