Busy Weekend Again

After the Donkey left on Saturday, a few more rolled in.  I had some quick work to do on our 997TT project to get it ready for Hallett next Saturday.

Then came in a 996TT (also headed to Hallett) for a clutch accumulator and a brake fluid flush.  I should take stock in 996TT clutch accumulators.  This will be the 3rd one this month.

If you didn’t catch my update on the previous accumulator job, the bulb in the accumulator should definitely be inflated near the top of the nipple.  Just and FYI on the failure mode.

Flushing the brake fluid and filling with some ATE super blue.

Then it was time to check out a 944S2 that has been sitting for about a year and has a coolant leak.  Initial inspection revealed a leak at the waterpump coolant port, which is a simple oring.  With everything replaced and cleaned up, I’ll check it tomorrow to see if that cured the leak.

He also stated intermittent problems with the heat in the winter, and I knew exactly what this was…..

Near the driver’s right knee, there is the heater controls for the flapper doors.  Typically a plastic clip breaks on the blend door and allows it to operate however it wants.  Remove the plastic panel cover held on by 2 phillips screws.

Here you can see the rod just dandling due to the broken clip.

And the new clip and retainer clip installed.  Heat works as it should now 🙂

And then of course I let the aircooled stuff in as well 😉  Some yearly maintenance and suspension inspection…..

In amongst everything we hauled about 3000lbs of top soil into the back yard to try and cure our water drainage issues……probably another 3k to go at least.

944996TTBlend DoorClutch AccumulatorHeater Control Clip

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