Project Porsche 996: Brakes, waterpump, transaxle, engine mounts Rennsport Kansas City

Got the tranny back awhile ago and finally got around to getting it put in the car.

Transmission back up in the car.

Then it was time to tackle the waterpump and engine mounts.

Stuck way down there is the pump. A lot of stuff needs to be loosened to get it out.

From below after removal.

And the engine mounts. The old mounts had blown out and were sagging under the weight of the engine.

And going back together. Now we have to figure out the brake issue we are having. After driving the car for a few minutes, the front calipers are locking up solid due to pressure, so back to adjusting the booster and see what we get. The trouble with getting cars in pieces is sometimes getting adjustments correct when going back together (that and trying to find all the pieces).

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