Porsche Cayenne Upgrades Continued Rennsport Kansas City

With Sandy holding up our ECU, I was able to finish up the diverter valve install and get everything else ready to go once we get it back. Turns out we should have the ECU back on Monday if all goes as planned, then it is time to fire this puppy up.

Passenger side is the easy side. Behind the fender liner and the intercooler.

Old valve versus the new valve.

And the new valve installed on the passenger side.

A good shot of the intake filters with all the fender liners off.

When I pulled the boost hose off the driver side turbo, I got a bath in oil. What a mess. Looks like we have a turbo that is starting to go bad on this bank (seals). The turbo pipe has a low spot on this hose where the oil has collected. We will monitor this turbo for awhile, but it will need to be replaced eventually.

Yuck. Oil coming out of the intercooler hose.

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