Porsche 911 Rear Sway Bar Bracket Repair

This is a fairly common failure on the older 911’s. The rear sway bar bracket that is welded to the body where the sway bar bushing sides likes to break off, leaving the sway bar hanging loose and negatively affecting the rear end handling of the car.

Here you can see it has broken off, and dropped down over an inch.

The passenger side has broken at some point, and the old bracket was actually rewelded back together. Not the proper way.

A plasma cutter set on low, a chisel, and some patience, and the old bracket starts to come loose from the body.

And off the car. After cleaning the area up, we can weld the new bracket into place.

Old bracket off the car….or at least what was left of it. The other half is still attached to the sway bar.

About ready to weld.

And the new bracket welded in place and hit with some primer/paint, and undercoating to keep it protected from the elements.

Looking from the outside in.

Since the old bar had been banging around, the bushing brackets were tweaked, so new brackets, bushings, and hardware and we were back in business.

After that, it was time to adjust the valves.

Using the feeler gauge to set the valve lash. Pretty straight forward.

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