BMW 745Li Door Check Repair Rennsport Kansas City

Nov 04 2012 porschedoc BMW No Comments

After knocking out the oil pan job on the 745Li, I tackled the door check. The owner had left the door open and the car rolled backwards into the garage door which bent the door forward. Luckily, all it broke was the hydraulic door shock which keeps the door from swinging too far open and causing damage. How the sheet metal wasn’t bent, I don’t know.

Off comes the door panel to replace the shock.

Here you can see the end is broken off. It was actually bent so bad, the owner had to cut it off with a hacksaw in order to close the door.

After pulling the door panel, and releasing the clips on the inner panel, it can be pulled out enough to stick your arm in and unbolt the shock.

New vs old.

And back together. Note the paint damage the thing caused when it broke and the door was closed on the bent rod.

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