Porsche 944 LSx Project: Fuel Lines and Brakes

Knocked out some fairly good progress on the Dragon this weekend.

Parts ready to assembly.

Custom building the fuel line from the supply line in the wheel well to the fuel rail. The old return line will be removed completely

After mounting the Tilton dual master cylinders, I noticed the larger 13/16″ cylinder was mounted on the bottom. Since I need to connect two lines for the front brake calipers to this cylinder, I decided to swap them and but the 5/8″ cylinder for the rear brakes on the bottom.

Much better as you will see in a minute.

After mounting that assembly back on the car, it was time to remove the old hard lines and custom bend new lines in with new bubble flare ends. A good idea to practice on some old line just to remember exactly where to position the new line in the tool for the best flare.

And you get something like this.

First I bent the line for the rear brakes, and ran that into the cowl. I cut the old line there, and used a female/female union to connect the two lines out of sight.

Flaring the old line.

And connection complete.

Then I bent the front right passenger line, following the same principle. Using a -3an to dual 10mmx1.0 fitting, it went pretty smooth. After that, a straight shot from the master to the front left was all that was needed.

And you can see the connection for the front right brake coupler.

And a few grommets and we end up with this.

Next up, knocking out the fuel lines. I need some more parts to make these connections, so I’ll get that figured out here soon. In the meantime, I’ll drop the transmission mount and fill it with urethane to stiffen it up.

The new filter assembly and quick fittings.

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