Project 997TT Steering Wheel Completion

When we installed the 2010 GT3RS steering wheel in the project 997TT, we couldn’t get the horn working.  I couldn’t even activate the horn via durametrics to test the horn, so we knew something was off.  After a ton of research, we finally figured out that the electronic control module for the steering column also needed to be changed due to installing a later steering wheel in an earlier 997.  Nobody had the answer, so it took awhile to figure out.  If you decide to do this swap, you are going to need part number 997.613.289.01 as well, which, quite honestly should be sold with the steering wheel, but isn’t.  The kicker is that it runs about $250.00 and you have to pull the column apart to install it as it sits on the back on the turn signal unit.

After pulling the steering wheel, the column trim needs to be removed as well as the clockspring.

It is slow tedious work to figure out what clips need to be released and so the trim doesn’t break. It doesn’t just fall out.

Underneath the column you need to release the tabs of the clip holding the turn signal switch to the column.

Its up there somewhere…

And then the switch assembly can come out.

This is the electrical portion that needs to be removed from the backside. You remove 5 really small torx bits, I assume they are about T-5’s. Have fun finding that bit size 🙂

And the unit off the switch. Install the new control unit and reassembly is the same as removal. No need to program anything.

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