More trim work and finished shifters

Been doing some painting over the last couple of days on the front grills on the M. I sanded everything down and recoated with 2 coats of black trim primer and then finished it with 2 coats of black chip guard. The slightly textured look helped to hide any imperfections in the original chrome grill, as well as gives a more resiliant barrier to chipping.

I also removed the center hood grill as it was starting to look gray.

Out of the car and ready for paint

Again, 2 coats of primer and finished it with Wurth satin black trim paint since it won’t see the abuse the front grill does.

Then I fabbed up the last bracket I needed to mount the front right laser shifter.

And the front grills installed back in the car.

We also got the new control panel back from Escort and installed that. It requires disassembly of the center control panel to run the wiring.

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