Project 996 Keeps Rolling Along RennsportKC

Remember this car? Viola 996. It’s been stuck in the back of the shop for awhile, and the owner is finally ready to take her home. Before we send it off though, a few final details to finish.

A box of parts showed up, with one of them being the factory cup holders, and a replacement carbon horseshoe.

Pulling everything apart.

And after a bit of work, the new stuff is installed. The AC controls are relocated down in the lower console, but will need a new carbon trim piece to match as the new location requires a different shaped piece.

And finish off the interior with a set of hardback full power GT3 seats.

After that it was time to pull the bumper off for crack repair and install some grills in the front intakes.

Big crack at the bottom corner. Some bumper repair and mesh and it was good enough to look whole again.

Unfortunately due to someone bonding some stuff to the bumpers, I can’t install the grills.

With that done, it was time to get rid of the black calipers that were looking pretty sad. Well, not get rid of, but clean up!

Caliper removed, bead blasted, painted, stenciled, and clear coated. Ready for install! Red will really pop on the purple car.

Much better!

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