Porsche 951 Project Timing Belt/Waterpump RennsportKC

Had a busy day today, but we got a lot accomplished. Finished up the Viola 996 project with a new driver side window regulator and sent it out the door. Big projects are fun, but it is nice to see them head down the road too! Wes took apart the Honey Badger and modified the rails so the seat would go back further, and started tuning the carbs. Found a few issues with the carbs and he got them straightened out. A quick Cayenne oil change, and I was back to the 951 project. The exhaust gasket came for the Fabspeed exhaust, so I got the exhaust installed back on the car.

I didn’t take any pictures while replacing the leaking power steering rack, as I was covered in power steering fluid the entire time. It is pretty straight forward yet time consuming.

After that it was time to tackle the timing belt/waterpump job.

After teardown. I have seen so many things wrong with previous repairs on this car that I just shake my head. Another place RTV is NOT suppose to be….on the waterpump gasket.

Replacing the front engine seals. Upper balance shaft housing removed for resealing.

Much better!

Then it was time to go after the front crankshaft seal and oil pump drive sleeve/seals. Here you can see the oil pump drive sleeve slide back on the crankshaft snout. It pushes in further and engages the oil pump to drive it. The old sleeve looks pretty nasty.

And the lower balance shaft/power steering pump mount resealed.

And back on the car. I expected to swap over the thermostat to the new waterpump since it was fairly fresh, yet when I pulled it out, it had just been shoved in without any seals on the thermostat, so that isn’t going to work. I’ll get new seals tomorrow so I can slap this puppy back together. Then alignment next week hopefully and out the door she will go!

Once that project is out the door, I have a 964 C4 to put back together. We finally got the transaxle back from GBOX. They had to custom machine and weld the bellhousing for the clutch fork. With the holidays, it took some time.

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