Porsche Red 911T Project Progress

The bad thing about working on the 30-40 year old cars is that it takes forever to get parts. They are not typically readily available, thus have to be special ordered….ugh. While I was waiting for parts, I have been tinkering a little here and there to get the car looking a little better. The red paint job (from the original gold) was sprayed about as bad as can be, so the overspray is horrible. I took a little time to try and cover up a little of the red from the underside of the car and the wheel wells so it wouldn’t look so bad.

A little satin black to the wheel wells makes a big difference.

With the new sonnenschein DF75 dry cell batteries installed, I was able to install the trunk carpet kit. I had to install all the snaps, but other than that, it was a breeze. A pretty cool tool for installing button snaps.

You place the head of the button in the curved cup of the receiver tool,

Then place the other snap end over the shaft, and using the slide pin tool, flare the button head pin to the snap end

Which leaves you this.

And then it can be installed in the car. Factory replacement DF-75’s in their original location. Sweet.

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