When It Rains It Pours–Coolant

Had a Boxster and a Cayman come in awhile back on the same day with the same problem….leaking waterpumps. We’ve seen in a hundred times before, and this was no different. Crappy OE pumps will all fail in due time.

A tell tale sign is a leak on the undertray.

And the bottom of the pump exposed.

And the old pump out of the car after a little work.

Then it was time for #2.

Same deal, only this bearing was much much worse and the waterpump was making a horrible noise.

The access hole to get to the pump.

The Cayman also had a interior door pull issue. The owner had operated the handle, heard a pop, and then there was a little slack in the door handle. Turns out the spring assembly on the backside of the door panel will snap it’s retaining piece off and thus the return spring just hangs there and does nothing.

Here is the tab (or where the retaining tab should be).

This is kind of how the spring should look, only the bottom leg should be held by the tab that is missing.

And the location on the backside of the door panel. Porsche thought ahead though with their plastics, and made the assembly easily replaceable. You will have to also update the actual cable that runs to the door latch assembly as the parts have been changed.

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