Porsche 964 Engine Replacement Continues

Got the replacement longblock for our 964 project and set about swapping/installing everything from the old motor. There is a lot of work that goes into this stage, but it is relaxing to work on. After that it was in the car and off and running 🙂

Bolting on tins, oil lines, and exhaust. One thing I make sure to do on builds like this is to use all new hardware. There is nothing worse than having something freshly rebuilt, but held together by old tarnished nuts and bolts. Well the engine came like that, but I wasn’t going to do the same. New nuts and bolts are the only thing I use. There was no doubt the rebuilt was a budget minded rebuild, so I can’t expect details like that to be covered.

New exhaust nuts.

And getting things upright for the top side. The AC compressor bracket was bead blasted (as was everything else that I swapped in regards to metal items)

Stripping down the old motor.

And after cleaning components, putting them on the new motor. New consumables like plug wires, etc are installed.

And with a bare donor motor, the new motor is ready for install.

Even the power steering housing that you don’t see is cleaned and installed with new belt and seals.

A little AC charge (though we found the compressor to be bad later) and the car hit the road for some testing.

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