And Now For Something Totally Different

I will admit, the blog has been suffering lately. We changed the format awhile back to draw more hits from Google etc, and I kind of lost interest in posting the same repetitive jobs….blah. So ‘F’ Google and their search result algorithms, I’m putting on my tin foil hat and going back to having fun with my blog. I’ll probably make people laugh, make people cry, and possibly even get placed on a hit list or three. So i’ll start off with something completely out of the ordinary….something you just don’t see very often at all in a world of frantic run you off the road moms trying to get their kids to soccer, basketball, dance, school, football, wrestling, etc all while making stops at the bank, the grocery store, etc.

A Cayenne…..Stop….soak it in….ahhhhhhhh

Ok, so maybe a 2012 V6 Cayenne isn’t all that special…….but this one is.

It isn’t very often that a man buys a Cayenne {remember that hit list I mentioned earlier? ;)}, so we don’t get to see them with the manual transmissions in them very often. I love it! This one came in for a quick oil change service and was out the door, but it was refreshing to see something different for once!

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