Porsche Boxster Convertible Top Failure RennsportKC

I’ll save you the carnage though, it isn’t a big failure that we see on the Boxster, but instead a fairly minor one. This problem is also seen on the 996 cabs as well. The Boxster came in with the complaint that the top was not opening. When there isn’t anything happening, typically the parking brake switch is bad. That was indeed the case.

After pulling apart the center console, you can get to the switch.

In our case, the switch was hanging up for some reason. I removed it and cleaned it, and it was operating perfectly again. The easy fixes are nice once in awhile.

After that, it was a quick filter and oil change and it was out the door to enjoy the weather with the top down!

BoxsgterBoxsterPorscheRennsportKCTop not working

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