Porsche Boxster Engine Failure Rennsport Kansas City

Had this 2.7L Boxster come into the shop the other day on the tow truck. Engine started knocking, so the owner and a friend with some mechanical know how pulled the oil pan and apparently found chain tensioner material in the pan. This car had already had the LN bearing upgrade on the IMS, so we were confident that was not the issue. I thought tensioner pad material in the pan a bit intriguing, but they wanted to go ahead and do the top valve train and replace the tensioner pads.

I started pulling down the exhaust so I could get to the cam covers to starting pulling each side of the engine apart.

And then it occurred to me…..I had not diagnosed the motor. Sometimes we are guilty with people bringing cars in and telling us what is wrong with them and not second guessing them. Many times you replace the part they tell you to and it works, and other times not so much.

So I dropped the pan off so I could see for myself. Instead of there being a lot of tensioner pad material, what I found (along with in the oil filter) a lot of bearing material. Looks like she spun a rod bearing. That would have ruined my day to do the top end only to find that wasn’t the issue.

So we started tackling the engine drop. Owner will ship us in a used motor. Here we are sucking down the R134a out of the AC system into the recovery tank.

This is showing our suction pressure, and the discharging pressure of the car. Eventually the discharge pressure reaches zero, and the car is empty. This will allow me to easily disconnect the AC lines at the engine bay to make engine removal much easier.

And poof! We have a motor/tranny out of the car.

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June 7, 2012 at 7:28 AM

Nice catch on the bearings!

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