Porsche 997S Maintenace RennsportKC

Had this 997 come into the shop today with a flat tire. While it is here, we are going to catch up on some maintenance and give it a good look over.

Turns out the rear tire was completely blown out due to driving on a low tire.

With new tires on order, I started giving the car a good inspection. At 48k miles, it is past due on spark plugs, which is now recommended by Porsche every 4 years. Another 997 with cracked ignition coils, so I will replace all them in addition to the spark plugs. When the coils crack, they allow moisture into the electronic coil which will eventually cause a misfire. I also threw in new filters while I had stuff apart.

Up where the coils and spark plugs reside. Note the mufflers still in place 🙂

Plugs are definitely past due! Pretty nasty looking.

When I put the car in the air, I immediately noticed the coolant drip on the waterpump. Another leaking waterpump 🙁 Same leak as the GT3 from last week, bearing starting to get a little play in it and causing an eventual leak.

It is stuck way down there.

Unfortunately the catalytic converters and engine carrier need to come off to remove the pump.

Now I can see the pump a little better. No need to fully remove the carrier, but the engine has to be supported and the carrier completely loosened so it can be manipulated around.

And the old waterpump off. Tomorrow the rest of the parts will arrive, and I should have tires either Wednesday or Thursday for the old girl and she will be on her way, ready for another 48k miles 🙂

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