Porsche 911SC Clutch Adjustment RennsportKC

Had this 911SC come into the shop last week for some last minute clutch adjustment before Thanksgiving break. The car was guttering severely in 1st and reverse. I got in and first thing I noticed was a very catchy clutch pedal. Up in the air it goes.

First thing I did was clean the clutch pedal spring assembly as they can get years of gunk in them and start to bind up. Some silicone spray after cleaning and the pedal felt better, but there was some slack in the pedal. Rear adjustment at the transaxle was ok, but adjusting it couldn’t get the slack out. My assumption was the clutch cable was slightly stretched.

And the assembly at the transaxle. First thing you always check is the main clutch fork spring and it’s adjustment, but that was ok on this car as I had adjusted it last year.

So out comes the clutch cable. These little retaining pins can be a real bugger to get out after they have been in place for 30 years.

Cable coming out.

And the new clutch cable in place. Clutch pedal is very smooth now, and juttering isn’t as pronounced. Likely the flywheel is hot spotted from this cable being stretched, it may get better, or we might have to go in and do a clutch job eventually. For now though, it runs down the road just fine.

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