Jaguar XF Valentine One V1 Install RennsportKC

Had this Jaguar in the shop last week for a V1 install. Owner wanted it hardwired in so he didn’t have the power cable dangling in his way. No problem!

This is another powerful car that is a riot to drive. Lot of HP through the supercharged motor.

To hardwire to switched ignition so the unit turns on and off with the start button, I tapped into the wiring in the overhead light area.

Main harness connector for that overhead assembly. After some investigation with the power probe, Blue/Orange is switched power to tap into.

And black is ground to tap into. Luckily there is a ton of room in the headliner to tuck the extra length wiring from the V1 so it is out of the way, some cars you have to cut down the wiring shorter so there isn’t so much excess.

And done.

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