Porsche 912 resuscitation

Nov 21 2012 wes Editorial 2 Comments

A customer brought in this nice little 912.  It hasn’t been run in some time but seems very complete.  She is still wearing the old Solex carbs which makes life a little harder but we’ll deal with it.

Whenever you take a car with multiple carbs in for work on the carbs expect the tech to do a few things first.  It stinks to shell out the hours but we can’t skip this stuff.

#1 Compression test: He will want to do this everytime he does the carbs.  If there is no compression or it is out of range the carbs will never work/balance.

#2 Check initial timing/point gap/resistance/dwell angle: These don’t usually move, but if they have its gotta be fixed to move on.  This car had 35 degrees of initial timing.  That won’t work.  When I checked the vac advance the port had just been jammed in the unit, it was holding at full advance:

I think I found the last NOS with the correct stamp on the arm, now to not lose the tiny c-clip on re-installation:

got it!

#3 Check the condition of the tank, the fuel lines, and the fuel itself:  If carbs are full of crap it won’t help to clean ’em if there is still crap in the system.  Here is the inside of a tank we have cleaned and lined:

Here are the jets and holders that came out of this car:

This car would start on the accelerator pumps but then die.  Obviously this is why.  These are going to need torn down and tanked, but look what was under all that rust and grime:

Nice n clean. Now the car runs like a champ.  On balancing I found one carb needs a butterfly shaft bush.  Very common on an old Solex.  But hey, the little car runs great and the customer got a good ride for a good price.  Next we have some rust repair to do on the tub, not a bunch, it’s a solid car, but stay tuned.

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jeff orndoff

November 22, 2012 at 11:38 PM

looks like an amazing car, I heard it handles better than a 911, looks like it would be a great daily driver.


November 25, 2012 at 2:28 PM

Lol- I should have taken a spin around the block before shipping the solex out for a bushing, sorry I don’t have a first impression.

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