Jaguar x-type AC compressor change

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So this little X type has chucked its drive belt.  Owner took it to a shop that said it needs a new belt, so one was installed.  Couple days later from under the hood there came smoke, noise, and another chucked belt.  Maybe engaging the AC clutch on the locked up compressor is causing a little of the trouble?  So a new compressor is all we need and she’ll be fixed right this time.

Installing the serpentine belt on an x-type is frickin terrible.  If you think it isn’t that bad then you have extra joints that allow you to reach places no human appendage should fit into.  Seriously, if you don’t hate this car after this simple job you are a freak and should join the circus.  People will pay to see your bizzare sh*t.

I actually think the gates belt provided was a milimeter or three short.  Shocking isn’t it?  I would have bought a Jag piece but this was brand new!

Here’s a little evac and reclaim action.

New compressor and old.  There are two styles of compressors that work, one type requires you use spacers, this one does not.

Here’s the little hole the compressor and dryer go in.  The dryer is easy.

The compressor is harder.  The two bolts at the bottom, the electrical connector, and the coolant lines are cake.  The two compressor-to-block bolts on the top are cake IF you put them in the compressor before lifting it into that tight space.  Otherwise it will all need to come back out the clear the radiator.

Then vac again,  recharge and replace the serpentine belt and you are done.

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