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After knocking a bunch of work today, I put Squeeks on the lift for a quick oil change and tire rotation….which then turned into new brake pads….which then turned into new front rotors…..which then turned into new brake lines in the front…..which then turned into a new caliper on the front left side. GRRRRRRRR This evening was a giant kick in the balls. I knew pads and rotors were coming up as the fronts have the typical Jeep warpage, and the pads were getting down to needing replacement.

It started out simple enough after changing the oil, but when I pulled the tires to rotate, I noticed while the outer pads still had some life left, the inners were down to the bare minimum. So I ordered pads front and rear. We are on the 3rd set of full brakes and will have the 4th set of tires come spring 🙂 Hopefully will make it to 200k with her.

Jeeps are notorious for the front rotors warping, so I knew that needed to be done, but I was trying to get as much life out of the pads before caving and replacing it all.

Yup, not much left there. I think these have about 80k on them.

While I was replacing the front pads, I looked at the line, and noticed a big gouge out of the brake line, down to the metal sheath. Something had to have gotten kicked up into the line as where the rub is there is zero contact points. Crap…..so I ordered new brake lines.

They aren’t just simple little lines, they are about 2 feet long and connect up on the underside of the car.

One of the new lines. Even as complex as they are, they are still about 1/5th the price of porsche lines, lol.

And the connection point under the frame. Of course I got to deal with rusty fittings as well 🙂

While the front lines were draining, I tackled the rear pads. Rear rotors still in good shape, so I left those. oooohhhh that’s right, the front rotors are warped….grrrr so I ordered those up.

And the new lines installed.

And the new pads, rotors, and lines on. Of course the fun didn’t stop there. The front left bleed nipple on the caliper was completely frozen and zero access to get on it with vise grips as it is recessed. New caliper ordered.

And coupled with taking a bath in oil, coolant, 911SC’s, GT3’s, damn Mercedes, that is about how my day went 🙂 Living the dream!

Oh because of this nightmare the vehicle that was formerly known as Squeeks…..is now known as……..

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November 21, 2012 at 8:42 AM

…in the market for an X5? All 60k maintenance items completed to include transmission flush new calipers, pads, window regulator, new tires, wheels….Excellent tow vehicle!

Jeff Whealen

November 21, 2012 at 9:22 AM

Did you upgrade to the new style front calipers like on the 2003 Grand’s?

I think my rotors are warped again after only 2 years.


    November 24, 2012 at 10:18 PM

    No, there really isn’t any point. The jeep brakes are prone to warping, even with the new style calipers. The only real solution is dropping money on rotors like Stillens. For me, turning a $60 rotor every 30k miles isn’t a big deal.

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