Porsche 996TT HPDE Inspection and Repairs Rennsport Kansas City

Had this 996TT in this week for an HPDE inspection and to fix a few minor issues he was having.

He was having a clunk under the rear of the car at times, and a quick inspection found the captive nut on the strut to be broken loose, which was fixed quickly.

The owner had done a spark plug change and was having trouble getting over .5 bar boost. He had changed the F hose and diverter valves as well, but no change. Been there, done that, if there is one thing I know well it is a 996TT 🙂 Typyical boost hose issue. The hose to the intercooler on the passenger side had half popped out.

A simple fix though, and we were back in business 🙂

Along with a new hose clamp for the airbox that had gone bad, and out the door she went!

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