Porsche 964 C4 Project Continues Rennsport Kansas City

Plugging along as parts arrive for the 964 C4 project.

Pulled the distributor so I could replace the belt.

I noticed once I got the center pin out that someone has replaced the belt at some point, and miss drilled on the pin. The easy way to avoid this is to drill from each side, then pop the gear off once you have drilled past the gear body on both sides. Once that is off, then you can punch the rest of the pin out of the shaft easily. By trying to drill in from one direction and go all the way through one side of the gear, then the shaft, then the other side of the gear, your chances of getting the drill off center and going into the shaft is pretty high, which is what someone did here.

Old belt out. Reassembly opposite of disassembly 🙂

Then we had a broken odometer that needs some repair.

Removing the needle. Do NOT use any type of prying tool or you will break the center shaft. Instead there is a little secret for removing the needle, but I can’t give away all my tools in the bag 😉

With the speedometer disassembled, you can see the 2 drive gears. The little yellow gear has teeth broken off, which kills the function of the odometer.

Always replace these in pairs. There are different tooth count gears used in these, so you have to take it apart, count the teeth, then order the right ones.

After putting the distributor back together, the motor finds it’s way back into the car.

After pulling out the front axle to replace some torn CV boots, I found a bad wheel bearing. Special B90 tool used to pull the old sealed bearing out, and press the new on in place, all on the car.

3 wheel drive!

New bearing in place. Retaining plate and hub bead blasted and reassembled.

Since I had the bead blaster fired up, I threw in the exhaust tip and gave it a fresh coat of high temp paint. That should look much better.

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