Transport Arrives Rennsport Kansas City

Had a little speedster come in from the west coast last week via Intercity Transport.

When the transports come through, it is always fun to see what is on them. It is usually a mix of neat cars. Unfortunately, there are very few Porsches where I don’t look up in the trailer and just kind of ….”meh” Seen a hundred of them. Occasionally you’ll come across a Carrera GT which are pretty cool. A modified 997TT and a 993TT didn’t do much for me this time, nor did the Gallardo on the top rack. Nothing unusual for us.

But once in a while something really peaks my interest. We had to shuffle some cars around for a Z06 that was going to be loaded soon and wouldn’t fit on the lower level, so we unloaded this gem.

A 1987 14k mile Buick GNX #478 of 500. The 87 GNX was the badass of the GNX line, with an underrated 276hp and 360ft/lbs of torque. Takes me back to a kid when my grandpa owned a Buick dealership. Probably some of my first memories of really enjoying cars. I loved to visit the shop when we came to town, I can still picture how it was set up.

Released at about $30k new, this car just sold for $80k

The best part was that I got to load it 😉

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